ChallengeMeBooks Fundraising Kit
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- Register (Purchase Fundraising Kit) with ChallengeMeBooks to get started.
- Acquire photographs to be compiled into a photo book.
- Submit Photos, bulk order and payment (book cost and fees) for preorder books.
- Books are created and delivered as arranged.
- Club sells or distributes bulk order and keeps proceeds of sales.
- Book is cataloged on website for future sales.
- Monthly payments made to club for website sales

Fee Schedule: (as of 3/30/2010)
High School Club Community Club Individual (Recruiter Book)
Fundraising Kit no cost current price no cost
Book on Website Catalog yes yes your choice
Website Order Minimum Quantity 1 1 1
PreOrder and Bulk Order Minimum Quantity 10 20 10
Book Suggested Retail (per book) $20 $20 NA
Cost of Book (per book) $10 $10 $10
Profit (per book) $10 $10 NA
Website Admin Fee (per book) $1 $4 $2
Photographer Fee* (per book) $2 $2 $2
Fundraising Net (per book) $7 (or $9*) $4 (or $6*) NA
*Photographer fee only if ChallengeMeBooks provides photographer. Otherwise, $0 fee.